I’m alive!

I started this blog so I could document the updates we’re making to our house, and then I just abandoned it! We’ll I’m back, with photos of one of the spare bedrooms! its all complete!

In case you don’t remember, this is what it looked like before!


oldbedroom2This room actually had the least amount of of wall paper, because they chose not to wallpaper the heaters and baseboards! Yup, you read that right, all the other rooms have the baseboards and heaters papered to. Its fantastic…not. As you can see in the second photo the closet door is wallpapered and what you can’t see is that the back of the door to get into the room is also papered. It was a mess!!

Check out how beautiful it looks now though!



newbedroom3The wall color is Martha Stewart Paint in “Sea Glass”. I was actually given this paint and the color is beautiful. The funny thing that I had actually picked up a paint chip in this exact color before I even knew I was going to inherent a gallon of it! The bed is my childhood bed, and the quilt was a quilt my Mom made when I was little to go with it. She also made the quilt at the food of the bed! The bookshelf I bought unfinished a few years back and stained myself, along with the tall cabinate that actually holds my yarn stash. The desk my Dad picked up on the side of the road many years ago for a whole $5. The cube bookshelf is a Target special! Eventually I’d like to get bins that match the room, but its really not a priority.

Sadly with the new freshly painted white everywhere the beige widows really stand out, but you can’t fix everything! The window topper I made myself with fabric I found at the local salvage store, you can really find some great stuff there! Yesterday I purchased 11.25 yards of Amy Butler fabric for $3.99 a yard, which is a super deal! Speaking of Amy Butler, since I took this pictures I actually inherited a new quilt from my Mom!


quilt2The majority of the fabric is Amy Butler, and I love it! I’d actually been jokingly asking for it for months, and assumed she’d never give it up, but she did!! It looks fantastic in the room! Now I just need to get  a nice piece of art above the bed so its not so blank up there!

I think my favorite thing about the room is the oak floors, and the hideous rug was so easy to remove! I thought for sure I was going to have to figure out how to remove tack strips, but surprise  I did not! The rug was stapled in so it ripped up easy and then I just went through with some pliers and removed all the staples, which was easier then I expected as well! Once all staples were up I just gave it a quick wash and wax and it was good to go! No refinishing needed, thank goodness! Hopefully its that easy in the rest of the house!

And one last thing, my sister actually found a whole roll of that paper in the basement, and she wanted it for some crazy reason!! I was glad to give it up, because really I hate it. If you didn’t notice though, I did frame a small second of it and its still on top of my yarn cabinate just so that I never forget how ridiculously awful it looked before!





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