Wedding Details: Bouquets

So this past weekend I got married, and being the crafter that I am I decided to make a majority of the items needed for the wedding! I’ve decided share the various things I’ve made, one item at a time. This first post is going to focus on the bouquets. I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on flowers, they just die anyway! I made my sisters brooch bouquet for her wedding last year, but I didn’t want to go quite the same route. Originally I was leaning towards fabric flowers but they were not coming out how I wanted, but I kept trying! Then my Mom sent me this blog post and I knew exactly what I was going to do!

We will start with the bridesmaid bouquets, which I made four of. I used the smaller half balls of floral foam from Joanns, and for the handle I shoved a dowel in it and hot glued it. Looking back I probably should have wrapped the dowel in floral tape so it would have stayed in there better, but you live and learn! I used fillers of pearls and fake babies breath, and then covered the base with chocolate brown satin, also from Joanns, then wrapped up the handle in some pretty ribbon!

top view bdiesmadeunder bridesmaidcloseoup

My bouquet followed pretty much the same process, although I used the larger floral foam ball so it would be flashier. I also wanted some bling, because what bride doesn’t want a little bling!! We had some leftover brooches from my sisters bouquet, so I used those as well as a bracelet that I took apart, and I bought a package of sparkly buttons from etsy! My Mom also bought me a little “celebrate” charm from Lisa Leonard that I used on the handle.

bride2 bride1 bride3 bride4 bride5 bride6

Hope you enjoyed this, and I think the next post will focus on the centerpieces!


One thought on “Wedding Details: Bouquets

  1. I was totally impressed by the bouquets you made. The came out beautifully. Looking forward to seeing all the other projects you have made. You are truly gifted.

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