Wedding Details: Clutches & Ring Box

I wanted to make my bridesmaids something special for being in my wedding, but I wasn’t sure what I could make. I knew jewelry was out of the question, I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t go well. My Mom sent me this blog post (she loves her blogs!) and I really wasn’t sure I could pull it off! First off, I thought they’d take forever, and second I hadn’t put in a zipper sense I made my graduation dress in high school, that was only 11 years ago! I gave it a go though, and they came out great, and all of my bridesmaids really seemed to like them!


I also made a little box for our rings that our ring bearer was suppose to bring down the aisle, it didn’t really work out but thats okay. Painting is really not something I’ve ever done, so really, a 5th grader probably could have done a better job, but oh well! I bought the box for $1 at Joanns and picked up some Martha Stewart paint that matched our colors to pretty it up with. The pillow that the rings are on I made out of leftover fabric I used for the bouquets, and some batting. I sewed some ribbons on the pillow to hold the rings down because I didn’t want to risk them falling out of the box!



And finally, here are a few photos that my fabulous photographer Mary Estes took of the bouquets and centerpieces!

(c) Mary Estes Photography 2013

(c) Mary Estes Photography 2013

(c) Mary Estes Photography 2013

PS. My Amazing Aunt made the boxes & “thank you” plaques, she did a great job!! And yes, those are mad libs (wed libs!) on the table that I made, perhaps I’ll go over those at some point as well!


One thought on “Wedding Details: Clutches & Ring Box

  1. Wow! You did an awesome job on all the decorations and centerpieces for your wedding. Your bouquet was my favorite, but I loved all the colors and designs and to top it all off you guys looked amazing! And your house is coming along great. Congratulations to both you and Ian 🙂

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