Glitter Mugs & Ice!

Part of the reason I named this blog ‘developing projects’ is because I LOVE crafting. Its to the point that I’ll see something I love in a store and I’ll be all ‘omg, I could totally make that” and I wont buy it. Then I either end up never making it, or if I do I ending up spending way more money then if I just bought it, oh the life of a crafter! Pinterest is my favorite place to get ideas and awhile back I found the most amazing glitter mugs! The tutorial was by White House Black Shutters and its pretty good, so go check it out! I thought I’d share a few photos of my process, because why not! I picked up the mugs at the Dollar Tree, because thats the place to go for reasonably priced craft supplies!


The finished product!


I did have to get all the supplies at Michaels, which isn’t really near by unfortunately. Someone online mentioned you can get the Martha Stewart decoupage medium at Joann’s but I could not find it there. I ended up also picking up the fancy Martha Stewart glitter because its just so pretty!! I tried a few mugs with regular glitter but the particles were quite large and I didn’t like the look of it. The Martha Stewart glitter is extremely fine, and it gets EVERYWHERE. I’m still finding glitter everywhere. Its annoying but worth it!


This is a selection of the mugs I made. These ones were not finished, I still had to do the two more coats of decoupage to seal the glitter in. I also ended up adding more glitter to the red & black ones, because as you can clearly see in the photo there were some lightly glittered sections that I just was not happy with.

I gave these out as gifts to all the ladies in my family (I was planning on making some for the men as well, which is why I bought black glitter, but my husband informed me no guy wants a mug covered in glitter, even if it is black. Whatever, dude!). I put a packet of hot chocolate in the mug and a candy cane (for stirring!) it seemed like everyone liked them! After 28 days these also become dishwasher safe, which makes them super easy to clean!

We also recently had a bit of an ice storm here in Maine, which you might have heard about on the news. Its no “Ice Storm of ’98” however some people have been out of power for 5 days now, which is just terrible. We only lost it for a few hours, but it makes me want a secondary heat source in the house even more. I’d love to have a pellet stove or a wood stove just so I don’t have to worry about freezing! I went out and attempted to take some photos christmas eve because everything was still covered in ice, I got a few good ones then my good camera died and I had to use my phone, boo!!

Here are the good pictures first!



Yup, two good photos then my camera died. So here are some kind of terrible Iphone photos!






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