Little Changes

Thought I would do an update showing a few things I’ve done around the house. Its still a work in progress, removing so much wallpaper really slows things down! At some point soon I really will show an update of the living room, it looks fabulous being brought up to date! I still would like a few more things on the walls, but I’m not sure what so I’m holding off for now.

First I thought I’d share the beautiful wood floor in the first bedroom. This room is currently a ‘catch all’ room. It has no real purpose and its never really used, except for the closet. My husband keeps his clothing in that one, because there is not quite enough room in our one bedroom closet for both of us. The rug was this ‘lovely’ patterned mess. It was so ugly! The one thing this room has going for it is that it is not wallpapered! It could use a fresh coat of paint, but its not a priority right now.



rug2I took the “after” picture from a different angle, so as you can see this room has a brown built in desk. Its handy for now, but one day I’m sure we’ll remove it and drywall that wall (its paneling). This rug was DEAD! I didn’t even have to cut it, I could just rip it with my hands. And the amount of dirt that came out of that thing was just disgusting! We only have 1 more rug to remove in this house, its the pink one in our bedroom, and I can’t wait till its gone!

Speaking of our bedroom, thats the room currently being worked on. Let me show you a ‘before’ picture. Its a pretty old picture, because its from before the ‘pool table’ light was removed, but it shows the wallpaper nicely.



Because of the ‘pool table lamp’ our bed had to be in a weird location for about a month or two, because it hung super low on the wall that was perfect for the bed. It has been removed and replaced, which you’ll get to see in this next photo. Ian was busy painting the ceiling and sent me this photo of  his progress. Look at how yellow that ceiling is!! GROSS!


The ceiling got its second coat today, so hopefully next weekend I can get some color on the walls. I managed to get them primed this weekend, I almost ran out of primer!

bedroom3As you can see I have yet to removed the paper from the closet doors and heater fronts (omg yes, those are papered). The closet doors I wan’t to take down so the paper can be properly removed, but I haven’t bothered to figure out how. I’ll be removing the fronts of the heaters to remove the paper on those as well, so its also not a huge rush. This week I’ll probably take some time to tape off the ceiling so I wont have to worry about it when I start painting!

So thats my little update, not a whole lot of excitement in the photos but I thought I’d share anyway! 🙂





One thought on “Little Changes

  1. You are doing a beautiful job updating your home. You are very fortunate to have such beautiful wood floors under those carpets. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your progress.

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