DIY Jewelry Holder


So today I thought I’d share a super easy project, a jewelry holder! Its simple, low cost, and looks pretty darn good if i do say so myself! 


First you need supplies. For this project you will need:

1. A rectangular piece of wood in your desired size (mine was about a 15″ piece of a 2×4)
2. Mod Podge, either matte or glossy, what ever you prefer
3. Foam Brush
4. Ribbon (or you can make a hanger, thats what I ended up doing)
5. Fabric
6. Two O-hooks
7. 11 Screw hooks (or desired amount depending on size of the board)

Other things I used are: Hammer, a nail, ruler, sharpie, needle nose pliers

First you want to cut the fabric to a size that will cover the front and sides of the board, it doesn’t have to cover the back completely because no one will see it anyway


Next you’re going to want to put a coat of the mod podge on the wood using the foam brush. If you have a terribly painted chunk of wood like I do I would recommend painting it white first, because the bad paint job ends of showing though a bit.


You are then going to want to do a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the fabric, this probably can be optional, but I liked the look of it.


Your going to then want to mod podge the fabric to the sides and around to the back. While doing this your going to want to fold the corners so they aren’t bulky, and cut away any excess fabric.


That photo gives you an idea of how I folded the fabric to make the corners relatively nice. You’ll want to do that on all four corners and use the mod podge on every layer to make sure it’s all glued down.

jewelry6That is what the back of the wood looked like when I was finished. Once the mod podge had dried completely you’re going to want to start attaching the O-hooks to the top.  I used a quilting ruler to make them as evenly spaced as possible. If you’re good at eye balling things you can always skip the ruler.

In order to get the O-hook to screw into the wood easily you’re going to want to start making a hole using a small nail and a hammer. Just put the nail where the hook is going to go, give it a few taps with the hammer then remove the nail. that should be enough of a hole to get the screw started.


Next you’ll want to use the ruler again to evenly space the screw hooks as best as you can. Because the size of my board was really odd I ended up having to fudge the spacing quite a bit, but once the necklaces were hanging you couldn’t even tell. I did a row of 6 hooks on top, and then 5 hooks on a second row. These I had a harder time screwing in by hand so I used the needle nose pliers to help with those. I also marked the location of each hook with a sharpie so I could make all the nail holes first then just start screwing in the hooks.


At this point you can just thread the ribbon though the hooks at the top and call it good! I however did not like the look of the ribbon I had and decided to make a hanger instead. To make the hanger I cut a strip of fabric approximately 4″ wide, and probably about 3′ long. I first ironed the sides into the middle like this

jewelery15And then folded it in half and ironed it again, making one long strip

jewelery16I then used my sewing machine to sew all the way down both sides to make sure it was a nice sturdy strap for the jewelry holder.


I then threaded the fabric though the O-hooks and then sewed the fabric together at the top. jewelery18

The jewelry holder is now all set for you to hang on your wall and hang all your favorite necklaces from!



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