“Master” Bedroom


before and after

No, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I actually think about it quite often, and have things to post, but then I never post them. Instead I spend my time watching far to many youtube videos, reading, watching tv, and keeping our new cat from bugging our old grumpy cat! I know, I lead a very exciting life!

This post focuses on the “master” bedroom, I use master loosely because there isn’t a master bath or anything, its just the biggest bedroom out of the three!  Anyway, on to the makeover!!


This first picture is from before we moved into the house, this is what it looked like at our first viewing! For some reason it didn’t scare us away, even with that beautiful lamp that prevent us from having our bed in a normal spot for 2 months until we could get it removed! Its currently in my basement if anyone wants it, $40 or best offer! After the lamp was removed we moved on to stripping the beautiful wallpaper and painted the ceiling/primed the walls.

newbedroom2 newroom1


Please note how yellow that ceiling is!!! Yuk!! You can see a nice close shot of the wallpaper print in that first picture, it was really just lovely. Except it wasn’t!

After the priming we started to paint! I originally wanted to do a bright teal accent wall in the living room, but for some odd reason my husband vetoed that, sooo I did it in the bedroom instead! The two colors we picked were “Spa” (the light blue) and “Aquarium” by Sherwin Williams. We got the cashmere paint during the 40% off sale, and I have been spoiled, I really don’t think I can go to another paint, it was so thick and easy to use! It’s also self leveling so all the annoying brushstrokes went away!

newroom3 newroom5

Don’t mind creeper cat, Ceecee, in that last one. She really likes to photobomb! The first photo is one coat of “Spa” which is on three of the walls. The second photo shows the difference between the two colors after two coats…and creeper cat. Next we moved on to removing the hideous pink rug! It was also the last rug in the house to be removed, its so nice to have wood floors everywhere!


I still can’t get over how nice those hidden hardwood floors are! I’m fairly positive they covered the floors up the second they were installed. Next on the list was removing the wallpaper from the heaters and baseboards. Yup, they papered the heaters and baseboards. I don’t know what was wrong with these people!


Yet another creeper cat in this photo! That would be Charlie, our new addition who’s mission in life is to annoy the crap out of Ceecee! Removing the paper didn’t take to terribly long, and then I put two coats of Sherwin Williams white enamel paint. Which, fi you care, its also thick and fantastic to use. (Sherwin Williams is not paying me for this post, buy if they offered I would not refuse!)

Now I got to move on to decorating!

newroom8 newroom7

I originally removed the closet doors so I could remove the wallpaper (yup), paint them, and put them back up. After struggling to take them down, and breaking part of the bottom piece that holds them in place I just decided to replace them with a shower curtain I found at TJ Maxx. My Mom found the dresser at a second hand furniture store, and I’m still considering painting it! Mirror I’ve had for years, and the hanger above it says ‘Mrs. Griffith” and my wedding date and was a gift from my sister on the big day! And I’m sure you all recognize the jewelry organizer!

The curtains are from Overstock.com, and they were one of the few that actually came with two panels! Curtains are just a money suck, the whole 1 panel in a package is just ridiculous. The beach scene painting is actually one I painted myself at one of the paint nights at Muse Paint Bar. Its not true artist quality, but I thought it would look nice in the room! The other image is by Kurt Halsey and it was actually my sisters print that she was going to get rid of, so I took it in case she ever wanted it back one day. She’s never getting it back though, because it matches to darn well!


Finally we have the bed! The bedding is from Target! Usually I have another blanket hiding the duvet because we own a black cat who enjoys playing on the bed! He actually put a small tear in this duvet a month or two after I bought it, which was annoying. My absolute favorite thing in this room though, is my signature quilt! Instead of a regular guestbook at the wedding we had everyone sign quilt blocks, which my Mom then put together into the beautiful quilt that now hangs behind the bed! I think it looks amazing with the wall colors, and really brings the whole room together.

I still have some little things to do, like put up some white shelves on the wall next to the jewelry organizer so I can put nick nacks and memorabilia on them. Overall I think it turned out beautiful and I love it!

Now on to the kitchen/dining room/hallway! (With more wallpaper…and paneling as well! yay!)


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