Clock Options?!?

I’m slowly working on our kitchen now, slowly slowly slowly. All the wallpaper has been removed and I’ve started the long annoying processes of patching the walls. And boy oh boy do they need patching. The walls were not treated everywhere before they put the paper up so in most places it came down very easy with the steamer, while in other locations, like under the cabinets and near where the paneling starts its a mess. There are layers of drywall peeled off and its going to be a lot of work!

I’ll get it done though, as much as I don’t want to.

A few weeks ago we had an electrician up to move some outlets/add some outlets/change out light fixtures. While he was here I had him take down the ugly clock that I despise that came with the house. When he was finally able to pull the wall off the clock (8 nails were holding that thing up!) it was discoved that all the electrical stuff he was going to remove was inside the wall and the trap door to get to it was so high up on the wall in the basement stairwell that he could not get to it. Needless to say, the clock is down but the working parts still remain…..



Originally I was going to borrow my parents little giant ladder in hopes that my husband could reach the trapdoor and pull the wires out, but then I started thinking….what if I put a new clock up there. I was going to try and make one, until I remembered I’m crafty but not artistic at all (my sister got that gene), but then I thought of wall decals!!

So these are some options I’m thinking off, although I’d order them in white because it’ll match the painted paneling and look nice with the green walls:



Bubble Clock Wall Decal – Style & Apply


Retro Sun Wall Decal Clock – Style & Apply



Number Wall Clock – Harry Clock

The last one is a bit on the funky side, but thats what I like about it. I should be able to fit the hands that they come with on the existing clock body in the wall, if  not I’ll make them fit…or make my own (I think I could handle that).

So which one do you like best? Have you see any other clock decals that would look lovely in that spot? Let me know!


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