Little Changes

Thought I would do an update showing a few things I’ve done around the house. Its still a work in progress, removing so much wallpaper really slows things down! At some point soon I really will show an update of the living room, it looks fabulous being brought up to date! I still would like […]

Packing & Firemen

All I’ve done recently is pack, pack, pack. We’re closing on the house Tuesday at 3pm, and moving that weekend. It’ll be nice to have a few days between the closing and moving to thoroughly clean the house. I want to scrub the walls, clean the carpets, and wash the floors and bathroom.  The house […]


Hi all, welcome to my little corner of the internet! My fiance and I are currently 9 days away from closing on our first home and I’m going to want a place to show all of our little projects so I’ve started a blog! When we started looking for homes I specifically said that I […]