Wedding Details: Centerpieces

As with the bouquets, I did not want to spend money on flowers for the table. I’m a tightwad at heart and I just didn’t want to spend the money on something that would die.  I used the same flowers as I did for the bouquet, however I put them on lollipops, so it was like an extra little favor! the lollipop was my sisters idea. Seeing as I hate bubblegum I did not want to use blow pops, so I went for the classic tootsie pop! I bought a few bags at CVS, then realized it would be cheaper to by a giant box on Amazon instead. Sadly those ones ended up having bar codes on the sticks, but I really don’t think anyone noticed.

I made 8 lollipops per vase, and 20 vases total. It was a process! I waited until September to start like the procrastinator that I am, so I had a schedule of 16 a night so I could get them all done as quickly as possible. For the most part I stuck to it, and they were all completed with time to spare! I purchased the vases at the Dollar Tree, along with the rocks in the base. Also, I have almost all the jar sooo if anyone is getting married…or just wants some vases let me know!

Now for some pictures of the process!!


Just some of the many flowers I punched!

centerpiece2The creating process! Obviously just the beginning based on how few are in the container


So Much glue!


I had to wrap all lollipops with tissue paper and tie them with a ribbon in order to make them all uniform

centerpeice6 centerpeice5

The final product! This was actually the first one  I made, so the flowers are grouped by color, I fixed that in later vases. During this process I also discovered that Tootsie Pops now come in banana flavor, I’m sorry, but a banana lollipop just sounds gross!

I’m not sure what will be next, perhaps the clutches I made for the bridesmaids? We will see!


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